The Dynamics Kung Fu is an Eclectic System and Innovative, born expertly combining the bio-mechanics of the human body physical principles and concepts of several different martial arts.


The peculiarity of this system is the dynamism, adaptability and, above all, the absorption of technical and philosophical principles of other systems, without distinction of style or origin.


The structure of the Dynamics Kung Fu is the "Kung Fu Wing Chun" from which it is derived the techniques and basic concepts such as "Trapping Range" (of entrapment distance), the blind angle search with many exercises for cyclical sensitivity and responsiveness, the attacks on the straight line and more.


We apply these to the "Principles of Jeet Kune Do", to give more fluidity to the movement and become more versatile, powerful strikes, and a more mobile and casual body. In our system it also found a variety of kicks developed by many different styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, Savate and Muay Thai.


Added to this is the use of elbows and knees, stirring the great ability of devastating blows of Muay Thai to the smoother and faster the Wing Chun. Other principles are that of the dynamic sphere used in Aikido, and other styles of Kung Fu, took "Chin-Na" equivalent of levers and projections, up to Grappling, Submission Wrestling and then to Earth.


The aim is to control the attack in all stages of the fight. Without patterns or predetermined positions, we put our body and mind in a position to work at its best, taking advantage of the qualities that nature has wanted to give us. We express ourselves. In addition to the


Advanced Level Dynamics Kung Fu also it has a technical background regarding the points of pressure "Dian-Ya" and "Dim Mak" learned from "Kyusho Jitsu", Weapons as the "Dragon Stick", the Double Stick "AKE Wings" and the assault Knife "S.E.A.L".


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