The DYNAMIC SYSTEM KUNG FU is an Amateur Sports Association based in Tavullia, Str. San Giovanni in Marignano 26c 61010 PESARO (PU), tel. 331 3079766.


The association was founded by Sifu (Master) Maurizio Renzi between 1999 and 2000 with the intention of putting into practice the innumerable experiences in the sector that had accumulated in the past and, through continuous updating, make one of the most updated systems and innovative.


In July 2001, the DYNAMIC SYSTEM KUNG FU becomes a A.S. Recognized and Registered Office of the Register, also made official by the CSEN of sports promotion, in addition to being recognized by many federations.


Finally in November 2004 it is the birth of a new martial art called "Dynamics Kung Fu ", recognized by the body of CSEN sports promotion (national education sports center) and by CONI.

In December 2005, the DYNAMIC SYSTEM KUNG FU is registered in the amateur sports associations recognized by CONI.


Search for the true effectiveness in self-defense and to keep alive the martial art are our primary goals.


The A.S.D. DYNAMIC SYSTEM KUNG FU does not follow a business policy, but It promotes the development of its instructors by the development of art and of its students.


The D.S.K.F. It has been in collaboration with various schools of martial industry such as:

- World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (for wing chun) - Chris Kent's International Training Center Star Academy of Martial Art (regarding the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Kali)

- Real Fightin Association (for what concerns the Grappling / Submision, Kali)

- IAKSA (for Kick Boxing competitions)

- FIST (for competitions of Free Fight and K-1 Style)

- Power Fighting Association now JKD Unlimited Italy HP-MMA (for Jeet Kune Do Unlimited, Submision / Brasilian jj, kali)

- Impact Zone (Submision / Brasilian JuJitsu)

- F.I.W.S. Italian Federation of Wushu Sanda (for competition of Sanda and Quinda)

- Kyusho Jitsu International and Italian Kyusho (pressure points Dim-Mak)

- Kaizen Martial Art Italy (Kempo - Kyusho)


But we did not want to be part of any of them, because the "Dynamics Kung Fu" is a "free" system!


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