Principles of the School


The DYNAMIC SYSTEM KUNG had been and created on the principles of base that correspond to the essential qualities for an efficient fight and a personal defense from road.

The followings principles hide in if great truths without which every effort of progression would be vain in the ability of the Kung Fu.


1 - Location of the Guard


2 - E.C.E. (I go out, control, within)


3 - Hits Versatile and Powerful


4 - Control of the Adversary


5 - Progressive Attack


6 - Relaxation and Contraction


7 - Adaptability '


8 - Individual Expression


9 - Self-Awareness and Self-improvement


10- Just Cause and Spirituality


Now analyze these principles, it will be your practice that will take you to them, and they to the practice, as the "Tao," which in the infinite movement of the wheel opposite truths.


Search your feelings, the essence of art, and these principles that you may seem trivial, will gain the true value they have.





Like any self-respecting school has a scale of degrees that attest to their level of awareness of Martial Art in which they are practicing.


The level of preparation is well marked by colored bands, which, however, are only a point of reference to improve.

After the meeting the 27-09-2006 the Governing Council decided to approve the new technical book of grades and belts, revised in part in the new assembly of the steering performed on 27-03-2011; then the new belt structure will be as follows:


Since you sign up you immediately enter the degree:


- 1st Grade "Jichu" (white belt optional).

- 2st Grade "Jichu" (orange belt).

- 3rd Degree "Jichu" (Green Belt).



- 4th Grade "Jichu" (Blue belt mandatory)

- 5th Grade "Jichu" (belt red obligatory)

- 6th grade "Jichu" (Purple belt mandatory)



- 7th grade "Jichu" (Brown belt mandatory)

- 8th grade "Jichu "(Black belt mandatory)


" Sifu "

- 1st Degree HIGHER "Shang" (belt compulsory Black + Red 1 notch).

- 2nd Degree HIGHER "Shang" (Black Belt mandatory + 2 Red notches).

- 3rd Degree HIGHER "Shang" (Black Belt compulsory + 3 Red notches).

- 4th Grade SUPERIOR "Shang" (Black Belt compulsory + 4 Red notches).



- 5th Grade SUPERIOR "Lao Sh́" (Black Belt obligatory + 5 notches GOLD or Yellow).


- 6th Grade Superior "Da Shi" (White belt with edge Gold, op. Yellow)


The degrees are recognized by the National Sports Center Educational.

For each degree is paid a well-defined program of techniques, forms, applications, athletics, philosophy, and behavioral attitudes, and instructors must attend and pass the instructors course lasting approximately 30 hours, and training courses held by the Technical Director the Dynamic System Kung Fu.



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